Mr. Good Vape Life Size Bobblehead

When Gary Riddle, the owner of, wanted to create some great brand schwag for his line of connoisseur vaping juices , he reached out to the Bobble Factory to create a 7″ custom Life-sized bobblehead doll of their corporate mascot “Mr Good Vape” (The Godfather of Vape). Feedback was so great for the bobble head that Gary contacted Danny Baer, aka “Professor Bobble”, to see if it was possible to make a life size custom bobble head doll of Mr. Good Vape for their corporate headquarters.

Now the Bobble Factory had produced over 1,000,000 million custom bobble heads of politicians, athletes, film stars or corporate executives since 2002, but had never made a life-sized bobble. Since Gary was a valued customer, Danny agreed to manufacture a 6′ life-sized bobble in June of 2014.

The process is very similar to making a 7″ bobble and was as follows:

Step 1: Agree to the Bobble pose
Because the bobble factory had already produced the original 7″ bobble, this step was easy. Everybody loved the original design so we just scaled the original artwork on file from 7 inches to 6 feet.

Step 2: Create the Mold
All of our molds are made by hand and this life-sized bobble was no different. Our master molders created the life-sized mold over the course of the next week. Just like it’s smaller version, this bobble is actually made of 2 pieces, the head and body.

Step 3: Paint-it Up!
Just like the regular sized bobbles, this piece was hand-painted to the exact specifications of our client. We used the exact pantone colors as specified in the original artwork.

Step 4: Ship it!
Now most bobbles manufactured by the Bobble Factory are shipped from China via Ocean Freight. But this was a time-sensitive project that required something a bit faster, Air-freight. To make the bobble safe for shipment, we had two separate shipping cartons made. One for the body, the second for the head. This would insure that it would arrive in top condition at the client’s office.

If you need 7″ bobbles or a 6′ Bobble, then contact us at 1 (888) 504-3200.

The final result was awesome! Don’t take our word for it, see what Gary Riddle had to say:

In June 2014, Mr. Good Vape contracted to custom build a 6 foot statue of their corporate mascot, GOOD VAPE. The project was a smooth operation from start to end. Danny Baer was a tremendous help allowing us to create this massive piece for our corporate headquarters. The quality of the piece is truly awesome now that we have taken delivery. Every one of our clients who has recently visited our office has left with a smile after seeing this tremendous life size bobblehead doll. I would recommend Danny and Bobble Factory for anyone looking to turn their corporate identity into a life size reality. Gary Riddle, Owner, Mr. Good Vape