The minimum order is only 1 pieces per Life-size bobblehead design.

That depends on how fast you are prepared to move.  Most projects deliver in 90 days.

Life-size bobbles typically measure 6′.

Our Life-size bobbles are made of fiberglass. Each design is handcrafted and hand-painted. A 6′ bobble will typically weigh 175 lbs but moves easily on wheels. These are collectible pieces of art, not a plastic toy.

You can request pricing here or call 1 (888) 504-3200.

Have you seen our unboxing video?  If not, click here.

We can add wheels to your Life-size bobble upon request. Click here to see a bobble on wheels.

We handle everything from our factories overseas to final delivery to your door.

The deposit to start an order is $1000.00 prepaid by a Visa or MasterCard. 50% of your order total is due upon sample approval, the balance including any freight from our Chicago Area facility to your door, is due prior to final shipment.

The bobbles are made in our factory in China.

No! They can be moved quite easily with our built-in wheels, view videos here.

Hand sketches, photos,. jpgs, etc. It’s always best to have images from all four sides.

Not unless you’re the licensee of the image you want to create. Proof of license is required.

Life-Size Bobble is a wholesale supplier of custom 6′ bobble head dolls. We manufacture bobbles to our customer’s specifications. We do NOT keep inventory or sell retail.